Seth Baczynski Living the Dream, Chipping Away

November 19, 2011

Stepping in on short notice for injured fighters is becoming something of a trend for Seth Baczynski, as he does so for the second straight time when he replaces John Hathaway against Matt Brown at UFC 139.

Luckily for Baczynski, he was helping prepare a fellow fighter for the same evening, allowing him to transition quickly since his fight in September.

“Ryan Bader is fighting (Jason Brilz) on that card, and we’re just starting Power MMA, so we’re a small team right now, so I had to get right back in the gym and help him,” he said. “I didn’t miss a beat preparing for Matt Brown.”

While he is physically ready for Brown, Baczynski told that the quick turnaround does change how he will approach the fight.

“It’s another short notice situation, but there’s a couple of chinks in his armor that my coaches saw that we’re going to try to exploit,” he said. “For the main part, we’re just sticking with what I’m good at, because there’s not too much time to implement a game plan.”

Luckily for Baczynski, both he and Brown have a similar style that should make for an entertaining night.

“Matt Brown is a tough, gnarly dude; he’s going to come fight you; so am I,” said Baczynski. “These are the kind of fights you want to see. We’re not the kind of guys who are going to go in there to out-point you. I want to go in there and finish him, and I’m sure he’s going to try to finish me.

“I’m just excited to have an opponent who is going to fight back. We should be right in the middle of the cage and should have an exciting fight.”

Having won his two fights this year, and on a three-fight winning streak overall, Baczynski is glad to have an opportunity to keep striking while the iron is hot.

“I was really hoping I would get on another card before the end of the year, not just financially, but it’s fun,” he said. “I’m living my dream in the UFC. My last three fights went so well, that I want to keep having fun and doing what I love.

“I’m just going to slowly chip away at the division. Whoever they put in front of me, I’m going to get together with my coaching staff and team and find a way to win. That’s the great thing about fighting, and that’s what I truly enjoy about it is testing myself at the highest level.”

Baczynski knows that there’s no better way to make a case for himself than to stay active and have fights that stand out in people’s minds, which is exactly what he thinks his bout with Brown at UFC 139 will be.

“If all you guys hop on Twitter and give me a follow @Sethbmma that would be great,” he concluded.

“It’s no doubt that this fight’s going to be a scrap. He’s going to come and bang, and I’m going to come to bang it out. It’s going to be one of those I’m going to be excited to go home and watch the film on.”

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