Boston Salmon Looking for Title Shot with Win Over Zac Riley at RFA 43

September 8, 2016

Having been over nine months since he last stepped foot in a cage, bantamweight prospect Boston Salmon is eager to return to fighting and build off the tremendous start he’s had to his career so far.

Since turning pro in 2014, Salmon has reeled off five wins, all with finishes, and all within the RFA. Having started off on such a strong note, it’s no wonder people are seeing big things for Salmon’s future, including himself.

“I feel like it’s been a quick journey,” Salmon told “I can remember my first day with the RFA, my first pro fight, on the main card, on the television.

“Ever since then I’ve picked up five victories with four knockouts and one decision. I feel like this is a test for the next level, for graduation up to the UFC.”

Having been known primarily for his striking, a broken bone in his hand forced Salmon to develop more of his ground game over the course of 2016, which he feels has added to a more well-rounded skillset to complement his stand-up.

“We worked a lot of things on the ground, and just some of the things I need to work on more: less striking and more my ground base,” he said. “It’s just little things that I can work on to perfect my game.

“I’m not necessarily trying to make myself to be a ground fighter, but just tidy up a few little things; not to get on the ground, or if I get on the ground, to get up and be on my feet, which is pretty much my strength from my standpoint.”

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Salmon (5-0) finally returns to action this Friday in Broomfield, Colorado, to take on hot-streaking Zac Riley (4-3) in a main card 135-pound bout at RFA 43.

“He’s a tough kid, he takes a lot of shots, has a really good, strong chin,” said Salmon of Riley. “With this guy, his strengths are being the aggressor.

“He kind of has a really awkward style. I have to get adjusted to that. I’ve got to be light on my feet, use my footwork and use my timing and speed against him. I think everything will be fine if I stick with that.”

With a lot of eyes on him, and the possibility of taking the next step in his career right around the corner, Salmon is confident he can make that move with a win on Sept. 9. If it doesn’t happen, he’s got a plan to ensure he eventually does.

“I could have gotten the phone call after my last fight or the fight before that. I might not get a call after this fight. Hopefully I’ll be victorious, and after that we’ll stay on task, keep my weight down and stay in shape.

“If the UFC doesn’t give me the call, I’d like to fight for the RFA title. There are a lot of options out there. I know I’m on their radar, I know will get there soon, but if that doesn’t happen, I want to push for that RFA title.”

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