Season 2 of Power Slap to be filmed in Abu Dhabi and air on Rumble

The debut season of Dana White‘s Power Slap concluded last week in Las Vegas and the second season of the series will be filmed in Abu Dhabi. White revealed the location of the next season during the Power Slap Finale Post-Fight Press Conference.

“We’re going to do season 2 in Abu Dhabi,” White said. “I’m going to bring in the best guys in the world from Russia, Poland, Eastern Europe, South Africa, and wherever else in the world we end up finding some talent. We’ll film the show there. Then those guys will take on the guys from this season.”

The first season of Power Slap aired on TBS, but the second season will not. It’s expected to air on Rumble, which exclusively aired the season 1 finale.

“I’ve got a two-year deal with Rumble. The Abu Dhabi deal, we’re still working it out, but I’d love to do is two years with them too, do season 2 and season 3 over there,” said White.

“Right now it’s tough to get people into the United States with all the crazy sh*t that’s going on in the world,” continued the UFC president. “But we can get everybody into Abu Dhabi, so I can literally find the best talent from all over the world, fly them in, and do season 2.”

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