Sean Strickland takes issue with many of the Stephen Bonnar social media tributes

When news of UFC Hall Famer Stephan Bonnar’s untimely death broke, tributes immediately began flooding social media. Middleweight Sean Strickland took issue with some of those posts.

In a video posted on Instagram, Strickland unloaded on what he saw as hypocrisy.

“Stephan Bonnar just died and like my Instagram feed, Google it’s flooded with pictures of people like, ‘Hey, this is me and Stephan Bonnar training, we’re buddies, we used to hang out back in the day, I’m gonna go post a picture about him and get double tap likes,” Strickland said in the video. “But like man the Stephan Bonnar I knew was fucking nuts. He was addicted to opioids, he got arrested, got kicked out of the hospital because they wouldn’t give him opioids, his gym went under during COVID.”

“You know me, I’m an asshole, I’m not gonna go post a picture like ‘Rest In Peace,’ I’m an asshole,” Strickland continued. “You (expletive) people that, like, after he died you post pictures of him in support and all this. Like when this man was losing his sh*t, where were you? And I’m not saying you had to be there for him. But you weren’t there for him then, don’t be there for him now because now he doesn’t need it.”

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