Sean Strickland on fickle fans and media: “No one gives a f–k about you”, wants best version of Uriah Hall at UFC Vegas 33

Sean Strickland is not the sentimental type.

While Strickland’s fight against no. 8 ranked middleweight Uriah Hall will be his first UFC main event at UFC Vegas 33, the no. 11 ranked middleweight contender is pretty indifferent about it.

“I mean, it is what it is, dude. I don’t f—–g know dude,” Strickland said at UFC Vegas 33 media day. “It’s just the way people try to make it feel special when it’s just another day, just another fight. It’s gonna be special if I win. If I get knocked out, I’m gonna look back like ‘F–k, this sucked.’”

While some fighters are thrilled with a main event slot, along with more media attention and an opportunity to be in front of more eyeballs, Strickland takes a realistic approach and understands how fickle fans and media can be.

“It’s just fake. Like, no one gives a f–k about you,” Strickland said. “You’re only special when you’re winning. The moment you lose- if I lose, I’m going to wake up Sunday, you guys aren’t gonna give a f–k about me. You guys don’t give a f–k. So you just shouldn’t take it too serious.”

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When asked about which Uriah Hall he desires, or expects to show up Saturday night, Strickland said he wants the best possible version of Uriah Hall.

“You know, with Uriah, I think because we’ve trained a lot I’m going to get him at his best and that’s what I want,” Strickland said. “I don’t want Uriah to come out as a f—–g head case. I want him at his best, and then I don’t want to, if I win I don’t want to go back and be like ‘Well hey, you know I beat Uriah because he’s a f—–g head case.’ Like that’s a s—-y way to win.”

While the main card is a bit underwhelming in the eyes of some fans, the main event of UFC Vegas 33 between Strickland and Hall is a refreshing, no drama matchup and a fan-friendly fight. Not to mention the outcome will have implications on the top 10 rankings of one of the most intriguing divisions in the UFC.

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