Sean Strickland: ‘No one said Alex Pereira isn’t hittable’

April 12, 2023

Middleweight contender Sean Strickland knows what it’s like to fight Alex Pereira. He was knocked out by ‘Poatan’ at UFC 276 last July. Strickland watched Israel Adesanya finish Pereira in the UFC 287 main event and wasn’t left heaping praises on ‘The Last Stylebeander.’

“Alex is very f***ing hittable. No one ever said Alex isn’t hittable,” Strickland said on The Schmo YouTube channel. “If you watched me fight Alex, I hit the guy. I was hitting the guy. There was blood coming down his face.”

“No one said you can’t hit Alex,” continued Strickland. “What we say about Alex is he hits really f***ing hard, and when those f***ing punches connect you tend to not know what the f**k happened.”

Strickland would like to see Adesanya and Pereira fight for a third time in the UFC, but expects the Brazilian to make the move up to the light heavyweight division.

“I think Alex will go to 205,” said Strickland. “He’s a big motherf***er. Life is miserable. You’ll do better at 205. You’ll be happier.”