Sean Strickland goes off on critics: ‘If you come and say that s–t to me, I would smack you in the f—–g face’

A video recently emerged of UFC middleweight Sean Strickland striking former ADCC World Champion and IBJJF world champion Orlando Sanchez after Strickland was disgruntled with a submission attempt from Sanchez during a training session.

The video of the training spat between Sanchez and the no. 11 ranked middleweight contender can be found below.

Sanchez explained his side of the story at a FloGrappling event in a video posted on their Instagram. That video can also be found below.

Since the training video was released, Strickland’s reaction in the training video has received criticism from some fans in the MMA community.

In an Instagram video Strickland posted, he took accountability and also encouraged keyboard warriors to voice the same criticisms that they typed out to him on social media if or when they see him in person.

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“I reposted it because I thought it was f—–g funny. Orlando? He’s a good guy. He probably didn’t mean to hurt me,” Strickland said. “The bottom line was I wasn’t expecting someone to do that [in] grappling and maybe that was my f–k up. Maybe I should have expected him to do that. I take responsibility on that.

“But to you guys like, on my reaction. Listen, you guys running your f—–g mouth. If you were to see me in person. If you were to see me in person and come and say that s–t to me, I would smack you in the f—–g face. And let’s say let’s say you’re not cool like Orlando. Let’s say you’re a d–k, and you get mad and you put your hands up, not like Orlando. I would continue to hit you in the f—–g face. I’m a cage fighter, this is what I f—–g do. I like to hurt people. Don’t be don’t be shocked at what I did be shocked at yourself. Matter of fact, if you want to run your f—–g mouth not on the internet, you should come up to me do it in person, and bring your fucking kids. So after I smack you in the mouth, they could watch me smack their f—–g coward father, and maybe they can learn a lesson and not be a b—h like you. Stay off the internet. Stop running your f—–g mouth.”

Strickland’s next fight will be his first main event as he faces no. 9 ranked middleweight contender Uriah Hall on July 31 at UFC on ESPN+ 49.