Sean Strickland explains why he’s the ‘coolest MMA fighter’

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland believes that he’s the ‘coolest’ MMA fighter in the world and explained why in an Instagram video.

“Let me tell you guys why I’m the coolest f**king MMA fighter. Say you’ve got a favorite MMA fighter like Izzy [Adesanya] or someone. You know what, you just can’t go train with that guy. You can’t hit that motherf**ker up and be like, hey, man, I’m a fan. I want to come spar you,” said Strickland.

“But me on the other hand, you hit me up and go like, yo I’m in Vegas. I want to f**king come spar you. I’m like man, roll through. I’ll give you that f**king work. Right? Like, I’ll be in San Diego this weekend and I’ll give you that f**king work. You’ve just got to hit me up. That’s why I’m the coolest MMA fighter.”

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