Sean Soriano on CES 51 Title Bout: ‘He Will Get Finished’

August 3, 2018

After breaking a losing streak in his last bout of 2017, featherweight Sean Soriano was looking to keep his momentum going in his first bout of 2018 against Jonathan Grey at CES 49 in April.

In what took him just under 90 seconds, Soriano was able to get a submission victory, and further his comeback following his release from the UFC in 2015.

“I’m happy with how composed I was in the fight, and am very happy I was able to get the finish,” Soriano told

“At one point in my career I was trying to stand and bang with everybody, but this is MMA, and you have to take the opportunities when they come. An opportunity like that comes and I’m going to take it every time.”

Getting on a winning streak going and picking up his first finish since 2015, Soriano feels like he’s getting to showcase the type of fighter has become over the past couple years.

“It shows a lot about my character,” said Soriano. “It shows a lot about who I am.

“Getting cut from the UFC was one of the hardest things I had to go through as a fighter and as a person. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. It’s mentally draining. You feel like you get pushed to the side. Getting back on a winning streak, I feel like people are starting to remember who I am as a fighter.”

On Friday in Lincoln, Rhode Island, Soriano (11-5) will face Bruce Boyington (15-11) in a main event 145-pound championship bout at CES 51.

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“I think I match-up better everywhere,” Soriano said. “With (Boyington) just have to be a little patient. He has flashy kicks and fast feet, so I have to be patient. The openings will come and then he will get finished.

“This (title) means a little bit more because of the hometown (location), but it’s more about the win and improving in my career. Belts are hardware and you remember them, but to me it’s just winning and improving my career, and bettering my life as a fighter.”

With a few months remaining in 2018 after his August 3 bout, Soriano would like to close out the year with at least one more fight and perhaps make his way back to the UFC.

“I want to fight again in late October or November,” said Soriano. “By then I’ll have the (CES) belt, so if I have to defend it, I’ll defend it. If the UFC calls me back, I’d gladly go back to the UFC. Whatever it takes, I’ll do it.

“I’d like to win three fights this year. Number two comes in August and number three comes in November.”