Sean O’Malley: ‘Francis Ngannou leaving UFC was biggest mistake of his life’

When former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou left the fight promotion, he was looking for a big payday in boxing and Sean O’Malley knew it was a mistake.

A bout against Tyson Fury was discussed and promoted by both men, but the match lost its luster when Ngannou no longer held the UFC heavyweight title.

“Francis, and I’ve said it since day one since he started talking shit on the UFC on Twitter. It’s going to be the biggest mistake of his life,” O’Malley said on the TimboSugarShow.

“Tyson Fury isn’t interested in Francis Ngannou anymore. He was interested in Francis when he was the UFC champ. He was the baddest motherf**ker in the world. Now he’s outside the UFC. Now it’s not as intriguing,” continued O’Malley.

“Who is Francis? Francis is eventually going to be like he hasn’t fought in two years. That fight is going to be no as interesting.”

Conor McGregor cashed in by securing a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr., but McGregor was the biggest star the Octagon has ever seen. Retired UFC fighters landing bouts against Jake Paul, but Paul’s not looking to fight heavyweight Ngannou, either of them.

“You do that because you want that payday. You want that boxing payday, and that was in his head. It was in his manager’s head. That’s what I’m assuming. I’m guessing obviously. I don’t f**king know,” O’Malley said.

“I think he’s thinking, I saw Conor do it, but Conor did it with the UFC. He would do it by himself. The more days go on the less intrigue, the less care we have for Francis to go to boxing.”

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