Scott Smith Makes 170 Debut at Strikeforce, But Don’t Call Him a Welterweight

November 30, 2010

Scott Smith, Strikeforce

Scott Smith

Scott Smith debuts in the welterweight division at “Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu 2” on Dec. 4 against Top 10 ranked Paul Daley, but is willing to take fights at middleweight, or at catch weights.

Smith’s decision to drop from the middleweight division to complete in the 170-pound weight class was based in seeking out exciting opponents, and made possible by cleaning up his admittedly poor diet.

“The worst part of my training has always been my diet, and I’ve been kind of lazy with my diet,” Smith told MMAWeekly Radio. “185 has been pretty easy for me to make. I’ve gotten away with kind of cheating. I thought if I kept my weight down after a fight and not blow up, I figured it would be easy to maintain a weight and get down to 170’s and work on that last aspect of my training that I needed to improve on.

“It’s forced me to eat healthy.”

The change in lifestyle has had positive results for the Californian in overall health, and he maintains that he hasn’t lost any strength or power in the transition to a lighter frame.

“I’m walking around 10 pounds, maybe 15 pounds under what I usually do, and I feel just as strong as I did walking around at 200 pounds. I’m obviously quicker, so I think this is going to be a great weight for me,” said Smith.

“I’m quicker. Speed is power,” he added. “I’m stronger if anything. I’m just as strong if not stronger. I’m hitting just as hard, so I think it’s good for me.”

While Smith is optimistic about his move to welterweight, the 31-year-old fighter may not stay there long. He’s willing to fight in the 170 and 185-pound weight divisions, or at a catch weight if the opponent is right.

“I’m open for whatever. If there’s a bigger fight, even at a catch weight, I’ll take that. I just want the big exciting fights,” Smith told “If they asked me to come up to 85’s and fight (Robbie) Lawler again I would definitely do that. That’s going to be an exciting fight if we fought 10 times in a row. I’m open for just good fights.”