by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
For current Strikeforce light heavyweight Scott Lighty the move to mixed martial arts from K-1 kickboxing was not only welcome, but very much needed in order to maintain any kind of career in combat sports.

As Lighty explained to MMAWeekly.com recently, “The great thing about MMA is there are fights almost every weekend. In kickboxing there’s only a couple big shows a year and trying to find a fight and the pressure to constantly stay busy is always hanging over your head.”

Not only has Lighty embraced the opportunity his new sport offers him, he is also relishing in physical challenges it presents to him.

“The transition is actually great,” exclaimed Lighty. “There’s a whole lot more to learn, so it’s interesting. The training is harder, but I had a great camp and had no problems, and I’m ready to get out there and fight again.”

This past August, Lighty made his Strikeforce debut in stunning fashion, taking out Mike Cook with a body shot and raising his record to 5-0 in the process.

As Lighty explains, his career is moving at a pace that’s just right for him to achieve his goals in MMA.

“Every fight is always bigger than the last one,” he stated. “You’ve always got to do better, and what I look forward to doing is going out there and showing how good I really am – proving to everyone that I’m here to make a stand and belong at the top of the light heavyweight (division).”

Getting the chance to fight at his normal weight in MMA as opposed to his days in K-1, where he was matched up against much larger opposition due to a lack of weight classes, has been a breath of fresh air for Lighty.

“It’s been awesome,” he commented with a chuckle of relief. “You don’t have to go in there wondering if the guy’s going to outweigh you by 60 pounds.”

Next up for Lighty is Saturday’s Strikeforce: Evolution show in San Jose, Calif., where he’ll square off against the always dangerous Antwain Britt in a fight that could very well produce Knockout of the Night honors for someone.

“They’re going to see a war,” said Lighty, addressing what fans can expect Saturday night. “From what I get from him is that he comes forward and likes to throw punches. I like to sit there and bang as well. It’s going to be an exciting fight.”

Should Lighty get past Britt, he’s not shy on letting people know where he hopes to find himself in 2010.

“I love competition. I love fighting guys who are great fighters,” he stated. “If things go the way I want them to go, no injuries, definitely (I want) a title shot. I should deserve it by then.”

Having successfully made the transition from K-1 to MMA, Lighty can make a big impact on the growing light-heavyweight Strikeforce division should he continue on the path he’s firmly affixed to so far.

“I just want to thank my sponsors Tapout and Athlon Elite,” he said in closing. “It’s going to be a great show and it’s going to be a great fight, so check it out on Dec. 19 (on Showtime).”