Scott Coker ‘Optimistic’ About Strikeforce’s Future

December 6, 2011

Scott Coker

Just about everyone has been wondering what the future holds for Strikeforce after 2011, and it appears things are bright on that horizon.

While no deal has been finalized, all signs have indicated that Strikeforce and Showtime would reach an agreement to see the promotion stay on the network beyond the current deal, thus extending the life of the promotion purchased by Zuffa earlier in 2011.

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker couldn’t release any details during a media conference call on Tuesday, but sounded like things were headed in the direction of a new deal.

“There’s nothing to announce, but I’m optimistic at this point,” Coker said on Tuesday.

A timeline hasn’t been discussed in regards to when a new deal could be announced, but sources have indicated that the current Strikeforce deal with Showtime runs through the first few months of 2012.

“That’s something that we’ll just have to wait and see, but I think things are going well, and I think we’ll have something to announce shortly. Right now, I have nothing official to announce,” said Coker

One interesting point to note is the conversation about the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix, which is still pending the finale between Josh Barnett and Daniel Cormier.

According to Coker, plans are still for the fight to take place in the first part of 2012, with most signs pointing towards the end of March. If that date holds steady, it would likely mean Strikeforce has struck a new deal with Showtime to keep the promotion and the network working together.

“I still predict that it will happen in the late part of the first quarter. We’d like to get this fight done before the end of the first quarter,” Coker said.

“(March is) kind of the month we’re shooting for. We’re monitoring Daniel Cormier’s recovery. Daniel’s going back to the doctor I think sometime within a week. See how the hand’s feeling.”

For now it appears Strikeforce will still be a viable player in the MMA world in 2012.

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