by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com
World Extreme Cagefighting Co-General Manager Scott Adams recently spoke with MMAWeekly about this Sunday night’s WEC 29 that will be shown live on the Versus Network and broke down the two title bouts on the card.

“We’re really pumped for this show, to be on our second live show on Versus, and also the card that we put together this show. This is one of the best cards we’ve ever done, so we’re really, really excited for this show,” Scott Adams told MMAWeekly.

In the main event Carlos Condit defends his WEC welterweight title for the first time against a very tough Brock Larson.

Adams commented, “I’m excited. I actually just got a text from Carlos Condit’s manager. They’re pumped. They cannot wait for this fight. They wanted to be challenged by a guy like Brock Larson to prove to the naysayers out there that he can beat anybody in the world.

“And Brock Larson, I’ve never seen a guy more hungry to fight for a championship. This is just a classic. I wouldn’t even call it a grudge match. These guys respect each other. It’s more like they just want to prove that they’re the best in the world and the better of the two. I’m really excited for this fight. Everybody is excited. It’s going to be an awesome war.”

Sunday will be the WEC debut of the MMAWeekly.com #3 ranked middleweight in the world, Paulo Filho. Filho takes on veteran mixed martial artist Joe Doerksen in a co-main event for the WEC middleweight title.

Excited to have Filho in the WEC, Adams said, “It’s awesome. I mean Paulo Filho is 14-0. He’s just dominated everybody, and he’s fought all the top fighters, fought on top shows. He is the number one fighter in the world, if not, arguably the number one fighter in the world, so instant credibility for us bringing him in and signing him. He’s fighting a really tough guy in Joe Doerksen. I don’t think Joe has ever been submitted in a fight before. Styles make fights, and this fight is going to be a really awesome fight.”

Adams continued, “Paulo has always said that he’s wanted to fight in the United States. A lot of these guys that have fought in other countries, in Brazil and Japan, they really want to come to the United States and make a display. I think the fans are going to embrace him. He’s always trying to finish a fight. He’s not one of these guys that will just go out there and just try to go for the decision. If you look at him, he’s always going for a submission… We’re looking forward to it.

“Joe Doerksen is a tough guy. He’s not a journeyman by any means. He’s a legitimate contender for this title and he matches up really well against Paulo. He’s never been submitted in a fight before. He’s had a lot of fights, and he’s hard to take down. He’s great, so we’re excited about this match up. If Paulo can get through Joe, I think he’s going to be a champion for a long time.”

WEC 29 is the second live WEC broadcast on the Versus Network and Adams looks forward to their continued partnership. “Versus is a true partner with the WEC and they bring a lot to the table. We’re on 75 million homes. They’re a sports network, so we cross-promote on all their different channels. Their production, it’s just so crystal clear. Versus has been a great provider for us, so we’re really excited to be working with them.”