Score Fighting: John Fraser Out to Prove There Should Be No UFC Doubts

December 2, 2011

After splitting his first six pro fights, former TKO lightweight John “Haggis Basher” Fraser needed a change of pace.

Following three years off, Fraser moved down first to featherweight, and then bantamweight, and has experienced a career resurgence with six wins in a row.

“My last cut to 145 was (easy),” Fraser told “I didn’t even have to cut the day of the weigh-ins. I just got on the scale and made weight, no problem. So I thought maybe it was a good time to take the chance and move down.

“Not long after that, someone offered me a title shot in the Wreck MMA organization at 135, and I figured that was motivation enough to take the chance.”

Fraser has felt firsthand the impact of his decision to move down in weight during his return.

“I definitely noticed that I have the strength advantage,” he said. “At 145 I felt I was bigger, but now at 135 I feel I have a big size advantage on (my opponents).”

Along with the drop in weight, Fraser has returned to his roots to avoid the pitfalls he suffered in his losses prior to his break.

“I’ve always been a jiu-jitsu guy, and back when I first started fighting, I was always standing and banging with everybody, and I kind of got caught and beat that way by other submission guys,” he said. “Now I’m going to back to fighting the way I train and have been using my jiu-jitsu more.

“That’s been the big difference lately; using my ground game and mixing my striking and my wrestling in there too.”

While he’s been using his submission skills more of late, Fraser is anticipating a brawl in his upcoming fight with Travis Reddinger at Score Fighting Series’ Sarnia, Ontario, Canada debut on Dec. 3.

“He’s got a great fighting style that goes with mine – we’re just going to have an all-out war,” said Fraser. “Just with the way we both like to fight; I think it’s going to be stand-up war; punches all three rounds.”

Fraser feels that getting an opportunity to co-headline a show on Score will do big things towards furthering the goal he set for himself when he returned to fighting in 2009.

“I’m hoping this gets me seen because I want to go to a bigger show after this fight,” he said. “If I win, I’ll have won seven in a row, and (so far) all have been finishes, so after this maybe I’ll get a the call.

“I definitely plan on going in and finishing this fight, putting on a good show and giving the UFC no doubt in why they should bring me up.”

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