Sapp Eats Bugs!!!

Bobb Sapp at HERO's 2

Bobb Sapp at HERO's 2

Is Bob Sapp a new fighter? At the Hero’s press conference Sapp said, “I will show everybody what the new ‘Beast’ is all about.” He went on to take Kareav apart in the first round and that was in less than a month after he won three fights in one night to win the K-1 GP in Hiroshima, Japan. So, will we see a ‘new Beast’? Sapp has seemed to be plagued by his lack of conditioning for fights, since the promotional side of his career got in the way.

So what has he done to make a change? He went to China for one to train in the high altitude to work on his kicks and to “work on the stamina, work on the conditioning” as Sapp put it. He said that he was working on “utilizing his body weight”.Sapp illuminated,”…it’s how comfortable you can get to feel in the ring, and so I have a tendency to sometimes get a little more…’hard out'”, punching with “too much force”. He said he is learning to relax in his punching. He also said that he’s “getting a better feel for the ring, so this will allow me to have better stamina.”

Second, he is eating bugs!!! Sapp laughed about how China “provided me with not only high altitude, but rather an unusual course of meals.” So what were those meals? Sapp said,” for my protein I ate some plates of fried scorpians, wasps, and of course millworms in order to get in the protein intake …”

Only time will tell if this is the ‘new Beast’ and if he continues with the new diet. Who knows? When he was asked about the taste he laughed and said,”it tasted a lot like French fries, believe it or not.”