Samson Phommabout looking for ‘big league’ opportunity after LFA 75

September 5, 2019

Following a 30 month layoff, featherweight Samson Phommabout made his return to fighting this past August and appeared to have not skipped a beat.

Prior to his return, Phommabout had won four fights in a row following a loss in his pro debut. Facing Randy Rowland for Fierce FC, Phommabout was able to pick up a unanimous decision victory to keep his winning streak going.

“I felt like I had to play my game because I had been out two years and had to play it smart and not take it to where (Rowland) wanted it,” Phommabout told “I played my game and took his back the whole time and put him in a few submissions out there, got a few hits and stuff on him during stand-up.

“I was told that if I came out uninjured I could fight for LFA a month and a half later, so that’s why I had to play it smart. It’s the first decision I’ve ever been to in a fight. I felt good. I felt healthy. I could have gone another two more rounds. I played it right and pulled it off.”

Prior to his return, Phommabout relocated from Utah to California to finalize his recuperation from injuries and to help the development of his game.

“I went to train at 10th Planet San Diego and Victory MMA, and continued to do the strength and mobility work with them and continued to build my body and get healthier,” said Phommabout. “I took that fight and three months later I came back with another win; my fifth straight win.

“I definitely feel a 100% change in my performance and in my learning skills. Just everything; my health-wise, my diet, my fighting skills, it’s just completely turned around in the time I’ve been out in San Diego.”

On Friday in West Valley City, Utah, Phommabout (5-1) will look to keep his winning streak going when he faces Mauro Chaulet (13-6) in a main card 145-pound bout at LFA 75.

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“I had four opponents; three who got injured and one who couldn’t take the fight; and this is the last opponent they had for me, so I just accepted it,” Phommabout said. “It was a week’s notice, so I don’t know much about (Chaulet), so I’m just going to go in there and do my thing and come out uninjured and try to keep going.”

Back to active competition, Phommabout wants to take advantage of his current opportunity and use it to help build himself so he can make a step up to the next level in the coming year.

“I want to be able to be somewhere in the big leagues before the end of the year” said Phommabout. “I want to be able to accomplish and get to the UFC or ONE or wherever will take me.”