Sam Sicilia’s UFC Fight Night 32 Plan: “Start Chucking and Get to Work”

November 8, 2013

Sam Sicilia TUF 15 LiveIn the fight game, injuries happen – almost everyone knows that.

In Sam Sicilia‘s case, injuries have gotten in the way of participating in recently scheduled fights. Whether it was him having to bow out or his opponent stepping down, he’s been shuffled around the UFC schedule a lot lately.

But Sicilia won’t let anyone believe that his recent moves on the calendar have been distracting for him. The fighter recently told that he’s focused on his upcoming UFC Fight Night 32 bout with Godofredo Castro, and nothing is distracting him from getting the win.

Sicilia’s plan, he said, is to “start chucking and get to work.” Reports said you injured your hand in your last fight. Is that accurate? If so, how’s the healing process coming along and how did it affect your training?

Sam Sicilia: Yes, I had injured my hand. I had broken my hand in my last fight, and it got re-injured in training.  However, now it is 100-percent better, and I am ready for this opportunity. I notice your recently scheduled fights have had to deal with injuries, new opponents and rescheduling. How have all these adjustments affected you and what have you done to deal with all the changes. Has this at all been distracting?

Sam Sicilia: No, it did not distract me. A few things came up, but they worked themselves out. In this business, injuries happen all the time. So it is important to remain fluid with situations, and never stop training. This will be your second fight in the UFC that takes place in Brazil. Do you enjoy fighting there or do you prefer competing here in the U.S.?

Sam Sicilia: I am enjoying my time in the UFC. If they would like for me to fight abroad, it is a pleasure for me to do so. I have a lot of friends and contacts in Brazil. So I feel welcome there. Rescheduling aside, what can you tell me about your preparation for Godofredo Pepey? Is there a piece of his game that you think you can take advantage of?

Sam Sicilia: Yes, I feel confident wherever the fight goes. I feel like I am more well-rounded fighter. I know I will put the pressure on, and he will have to cope with what I bring to the table. What can you tell me is the most exciting thing fans can expect from you in your upcoming fight at UFC Fight Night 32?

Sam Sicilia: Same thing as every fight, I put on a pace, start chucking, and get to work.  I guarantee a barn burner and an exciting fight for all the fans especially the Brazilian fans.

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