There was plenty of speculation on a few websites over the weekend stating that Ivan Salaverry was coming back to the UFC to face Evan Tanner. Those reports couldn’t be further from the truth according to Salaverry.

Salaverry told MMAWeekly over the weekend that he was never close to fighting Tanner saying quote “Where do these reports come from? Of course I’m not fighting Tanner on a few weeks notice. I’m a professional and I have no problem fighting Tanner, I am not going to do it without being prepared.” Salaverry said.

Jeremy Horn pulled out of his upcoming battle with Evan Tanner at UFC 59 after a back injury would not let him compete. Horn has now been replaced by Justin Levens, one of the top fighters in the WEC.

Salaverry further commented saying he hasn’t signed with anyone saying he is waiting for the right offer. “I’m not going to jump into just anything at this point of my career. I have my wife to think about, my family is important to me. It has to be the right deal.” Salaverry said.

Levens instead will jump into the UFC against Tanner. Levens fought for a WEC title losing a heartbreaking battle to Scott Smith who is also making his debut on this same UFC card against David Terrell. Levens is 11-2 as a professional and fights under legendary coach and former fighter Marco Ruas.