by MMAWeekly.com Staff
MMAWeekly’s Scott Petersen reports from Japan that we may see an interesting showdown at Pride 30. Petersen reports that DSE is very close to signing Ken Shamrock to face Kaz Sakuraba for their October 23rd show.

Shamrock is coming off a tough stretch where he dropped three of his last four fights. Shamrock lost to Don Frye in his last Pride apperance back at Pride 19. He then had losses in the UFC to Tito Ortiz and Rich Franklin. Shamrock did defeat Kimo at UFC 48 during that four fight stretch.

Sakuraba has had simliar stretch in his last few fights. Sakuraba is just 3-4 in his last seven fights. He did defeat Elvis Schembri in a rematch and Pride Critical Countdown and Yoon Dong Sik. Saku though has taken his share of punishment against Ricardo Arona and Wanderlei Silva.

So why keep fighting bigger fighters like Shamrock? Because Saku still wants to prove that he is a legend and wants to fight another legend at this point of his career. Shamrock is still a name in Japan and if he can win this fight he can once again get over in Japan. If Sakuraba wins, then he is back in the fans minds in Japan.