Sakuraba Talks Future With Press

Sakuraba and Ken Shamrock at Pride 30

Sakuraba and Ken Shamrock at Pride 30

He is one of the greatest fighters of all time in MMA, but after his beating at the hands of Ricardo Arona, many wondered if Kaz Sakuraba would finally hang them up.

MMAWeekly’s Scott Petersen says the answer is simply no. Sakuraba talked with Japanese promoters this weekend both on Japanese television and in the print media and told reporters that he will not retire.

Sakuraba said that he will plan on returning to the ring hopefully in October. Sakuraba said he most likely will fight against fighters closer to his weight class. (86kg) Sakuraba has already begun some light work outs, mainly with weight training.

Saku said his focus right now would be to do some light weight lifting but primarily letting his body completely heal, something he hasn’t truly done in years. Sakuraba said he had plenty of fight left in him as he gets ready for his 36th birthday this month.