Sakakibara Talks Fedor vs Cro Cop

Pride President Sakakibara

Pride President Sakakibara

It’s been a long time in the making, some believe too long. Fedor Emelianenko and Mirko Cro Cop are on a collision course for August 28th at Pride’s GP Finals Event.

If this sounds familiar it is. In the UFC, Chuck Liddell chased Tito Ortiz for a couple of years before getting his shot in the Octagon. Now it appears Mirko Cro Cop will finally get his wish to face long time rival, Fedor Emelianenko, on August 28th. In what was expected to be announced at a press conference on Monday, the day after the Pride GP event, the CroCop Fedor fight was announced in the ring after Cro Cop’s fight. Cro Cop called out Takada to come into the ring, as the crowd responded to Cro Cop’s brashness. Cro Cop told Takada that he wanted Fedor, so Takada took the mike and called for Fedor to enter the arena and the ring with his championship belt. fedor marched in with belt over shoulder and accepted the fight.

Sakakibara said “Mirko has at last, having gone the long way round, got his long sought after chance. I mean he’s really wanted and sought after this long and hard road, the right to challenge for the heavyweight title on August 28. And I really don’t think anyone can dispute it. Fedor is not running away and can’t run away–he’s also determined to do this fight. So, at last we will be able to have the heavyweight fight of the century on August 28.”

Both fighters have had to wait for this match-up because of injuries. Fedor assures everyone he will be healthy enough to fight by August. Cro Cop’s corner just wanted to make sure Mirko got out of this past weekend’s fight unscathed. Sakakibara said mission accomplished. “I spoke to Mirko after the fight and apart from the instep on his kicking leg hurting a little, he has said there is no damage, so
over the next two months he’ll be training hard and getting ready for this century’s–well, this century has really just started, but as far as Pride is concerned, we expect this to be a truly history-making fight…”