Sabina Mazo Plans to Control Carol Yariwaki in First Title Defense at LFA 54

November 15, 2018

Normally when a fighter has a bout fall through at the last minute, it can be a frustrating and disappointing experience.

For flyweight Sabina Mazo, after having her scheduled September LFA 125lb title defense against Jaimee Nievera get cancelled, she refused to look at it as a negative, but instead look at the good in the situation she had been handed.

“It helped me a lot to have this experience because it happens a lot to fighters,” Mazo told “It also gave me more chance to train. It’s good that it happened the way that it happened. I was not disappointed at all.

“I was feeling great for that fight, and I kept with the training, and my family came all the way here to visit, so it was good so I could see them and visit. I think it was a little more push for this (upcoming) fight.”

For Mazo, continuing her training from one fight to the next is not a big deal. With the way she trains she is not worried she will suffer from burn out having to get ready for one fight after having prepared for the last.

“I don’t do things like camps,” said Mazo. “I do my training and dieting stuff, but I’m always training, so there was no worries. I’m always training to improve myself – it’s not for my opponent – it’s for myself. I don’t think that was a problem.”

This Friday in Costa Mesa, Calif., Mazo (5-0) will look to defend her title for the first time when she takes on Carol Yariwaki (7-2) in a 125-pound championship main event of LFA 54.

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“(Yariwaki) has a Jiu-Jitsu background, and that will compliment my game a lot because I know I have a really good Jiu-Jitsu game that I’ve never shown before,” Mazo said. “I think I can get the victory by controlling (the fight) and putting my game onto her; using my Muay Thai, my wrestling, and even my Jiu-Jitsu, and try to finish in any stage of the fight.

“It’s always good to show everything. It’s always good to keep evolving and try to apply everything I know. If in the moment I can go to the ground and finish it, I’ll do it.”

A successful title defense in the LFA could be the last step Mazo needs to move up to the next level. While that move would be welcomed, Mazo is open for anything that comes her way in 2019.

“I think (moving up) is a good option, unless (in the LFA) I have more opponents, another good opponents, and they offer me good fights,” said Mazo. “But yes, I think (the next level) is a possibility in 2019.”