Sabah Homasi Doesn’t Want Herb Dean to Referee His Next Fight, Plans to Appeal UFC 218 Loss

December 8, 2017

Sabah Homasi is currently preparing for a second fight against Abdul Razak Alhassan at UFC 219 thanks to a poor stoppage in their first matchup this past weekend in Detroit.

Alhassan caught Homasi with a punch during a big exchange towards the end of the first round that dropped the American Top Team fighter down to his knee. Homasi quickly latched onto Alhassan’s leg to begin working for a takedown to allow him time to recover but referee Herb Dean quickly swooped in to stop the fight.

Homasi immediately protested, especially with Dean standing on the opposite side of where he was attempting to get the takedown, which gave him a poor line of sight to see how he was recovering after eating the punch.

“I think Herb just had a bad angle but even though with him having a bad angle, if you’re unsure let it go,” Homasi told MMAWeekly this week. “Because I was working, I was moving the whole time but then when he stepped in, I was just shocked that he stepped in to stop the fight.

“Herb’s human, everyone makes mistakes. It just sucked it happened to be one of my fights.”

Still the fight was over and Homasi was going home with a loss on his record and half his money because he wouldn’t be receiving a win bonus from the UFC.

Thankfully, UFC president Dana White and matchmaker Sean Shelby quickly worked to rectify the situation by telling Homasi’s manager Brian Butler from Suckerpunch Entertainment that he would be getting an immediate rematch just three weeks later on Dec. 30.

“My manager popped his head into the medical booth, I was getting checked out by the doctor and he goes ‘rematch Dec. 30’ and I was like f–king perfect,” Homasi said. “It was literally right after the fight. Dana White was in contact with my manager, everyone knew it was bulls–t. I’m just glad they acknowledged it and gave me the rematch. I’m very thankful for that.

“I’m glad I get another opportunity even though it was a mistake from the referee. He took away money. I believe I was going to put him away in the second round. He faded a lot. He took away my win bonus. Now I’ve got to try to get this thing appealed and turned into a no contest, which hopefully it works out but we’ll see.”

Homasi plans to appeal the loss in Michigan but right now his concern is getting ready for the rematch with Alhassan to rectify what went wrong in the first fight.

This time round, Homasi will be fighting in Nevada but that’s also a state where Dean serves as a referee and works numerous UFC cards during any given year.

Homasi promises that he’s not holding a personal grudge against Dean following the debacle in Detroit but he’d still feel better if another referee was assigned to his rematch with Alhassan.

“I’d rather have someone else. Because I don’t know what rumors he’s hearing about what I’m saying or whatever. I’m not saying anything bad on his end, he’s human, everyone makes mistakes, but like I’m saying right now, if you’re not sure, let it go,” Homasi said. “Like the Eddie Alvarez-Justin Gaethje fight, Eddie knocked out Justin and Eddie puts his hands up and he knew the fight was over but Herb didn’t stop the fight. He let Eddie get a couple unnecessary blows in and that’s because of his earlier mess up that night.

“I’d rather have another referee, clean slate. Someone who hasn’t made as many mistakes as Herb because that’s not the first mistake Herb has made.”

As much as it angered him to have the fight stopped early, Homasi is ready to put it behind him for now so he can concentrate on getting ready for a second shot at Alhassan in just a few weeks.

“I’m definitely more confident because I know what he has to offer and it’s not that great,” Homasi said about the rematch. “I’m just going to go in there now and I see myself landing more and seeing more clearly because I know exactly what he’s going to do.

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