Sabah Fadai Gets First MFC Victory, Apologizes for Post-Fight Rant

October 29, 2012

Sabah Fadai MFCMFC welterweight contender Sabah “Persian Warrior” Fadai had been unable to secure a win in the promotion since his highly anticipated debut for them a year ago until this past Friday. Fadai managed to defeat Cody Krahn at MFC 35, and in the process get back on track, though he doesn’t feel he did everything he set out to.

“I got the submission of the night and I’ve always wanted to achieve one of the bonuses of the night, so I have accomplished some things that I wanted to,” he said. “But as far as my performance goes, I was not satisfied at all, as the game plan was to keep it standing and take him into the deep waters and drown him.

“This was a fight where I was going to showcase a lot of my talent, but never got the chance to. I threw a kick and he crowded me and what looked like a takedown for him was actually a slip. The vinyl surface doesn’t quite help with stand-up fighters much. Either way, I didn’t get to do what I wanted to. This is a very empty win for me.”

While Fadai is not happy with how he performed in the fight itself, it’s what happened leading up to and after the fight that perhaps is the most disappointing aspect of his experience.

“I hope people will understand this, as a fighter there are a lot of preparation that goes into a fight – especially for me going up weight classes, I had to really work extra hard to prepare for the strength difference – and coming off a knee injury the time and money I spent in therapy was a lot. So the least he could have (done) was make weight, but no, he couldn’t even be courteous and professional in that department,” said Fadai.

Initially told Krahn would not be fighting because of weight-related issues, Fadai was informed at 9:30 Friday morning that the fight was back on.

“At his point, I just wanted to hurt him and it took a lot for me to calm myself down just so I don’t go into this fight seeing red, however all that came back as soon as I got the tap out of him due to that triangle,” said Fadai.

He then went into a rant directed at Krahn for his inability to make weight, leading to a less than amicable reaction from the crowd.

“I was booed by the crowd and rightfully so, but they had no idea what had gone down prior to this fight,” said Fadai. “I don’t blame the Edmonton fans for their reaction, it was un-sportsmanlike of me to do what I did, but truth be told, it wasn’t in my hands.

“Everyone who has known me for a while or has talked to me or even has competed against me knows that I am very humble and I don’t talk (expletive). All that being said, I do apologize for my reaction as this is not who I am and this is not what Team Mamba tries to represent as a team.”

Now that he has his first win for the promotion, Fadai told that he intends to move down to 155 pounds and pursue his goal of winning a championship there.

“Title contention sounds awesome, but I know it will come (in time). So I just focus on getting better and better day by day to put on exciting shows and win in the process,” said Fadai. “I have a solid team behind me and there is no stopping me.

“I love all my teammates, coaches and family for putting up with me and helping me succeed and become the best I can be. I also wanna thank all my fans who support me and understand me as a fighter and as an individual.”

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