Ryan Healy Wants to Prove His UFC Worth

October 25, 2011

Ryan Healy

Ryan Healy

During one stretch from 2008 to 2009, Ryan Healy was in the midst of the worst losing streak of his career. With five losses in a row, it was at that point that he decided he needed to alter his path or possibly never progress in the fight game.

“When I was going through a losing streak, it was not only confidence, but I wasn’t doing the right things outside the fight,” he said. “I wasn’t putting in the time working on the separate arts; the jiu-jitsu and the wrestling. I was just kind of showing up.

“Eventually I thought I needed to change or I wasn’t going to get anywhere. I (began) putting in those extra sessions and drilling the technique on the ground, wrestling and even striking. I think that’s taken me to the next level.”

Not only was Ryan motivated from within, but seeing the success of his twin brother Pat also helped push him to mend his ways.

“It was actually my brother who kind of made me look at myself,” said Healy. “He was putting in a little more work and I saw his career and where it was going. He’s been in Strikeforce and winning some big fights. I think he’s proven he’s one of the top lightweights in Strikeforce.

“Frankly, I got a little jealous and pissed off. I thought there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be in that position right now. I need to be putting in the work to get into that spot.”

Since his losing streak, Healy has won seven of nine bouts, including a split-decision win this past Friday at Sportfight 30 over former Bellator fighter Andrew Chappelle, who was filling in for an absent Paul Kelly who couldn’t make the fight due to visa issues.

“I’m a grinder; it’s just my style; I just kind of did what works best for me,” said Healy. “He was able to get the takedown in the first round, and I was able to stay pretty solid and didn’t take much damage and just try to keep moving and wear him down. I was able to finally sweep him and get on top and land some good shots.

“In the second and third round I was just stopping his takedowns and wearing him down with my shots and pressure; keeping him pinned against the ropes. I was finally able to work him in the corner, and that’s where I did most of my damage.”

With back-to-back wins, Healy is looking to continue to ride his current momentum and one day soon join his twin brother under the Zuffa banner, by any means necessary.

“I’m just hoping to keep getting some fights and keep my level of completion going up and prove that I deserve a legitimate shot at the UFC,” he said. “That’s where everybody wants to be and I’m not different.

“I’m coming to the top of my game really and I’m ready to prove it, and I’ll fight anybody to do that.”

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