by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Just a week after “Ultimate Fighter” winner Ryan Bader got his first win following the finale of the reality show, it appears he will have to go through rehab for torn MCL and PCL ligaments in his knee.

Bader confirmed the injury to MMAWeekly.com on Wednesday, but added that while both are torn, it appears that he will not require surgery for the injury.

“One of the first takedowns, I was passing from half-guard trying to pass to side control, and I just heard my knee pop, which isn’t a big deal because they pop every once in a while,” Bader told MMAWeekly.com after the fight against Carmelo Marrero.

“I stood back up and I felt that it was really, really loose. It didn’t really do too much as far as impeding me in the fight or anything like that, but it was starting to swell up a little bit.”

After heading to the doctor for a final diagnosis, Bader ended up with tears in both his posterior cruciate ligament, and his medial collateral ligament.

According to the University of California-San Francisco, the average time for a MCL tear to heal is about six weeks, while avoiding surgery on the PCL in particular could save the former Arizona State All-American from being forced out of action for anywhere from six to 12 months.

Bader posted a picture of his knee online via his Facebook account, which showed it encased in a brace, which he will likely keep on for several weeks while rehabbing.