by Dan Dougherty (Photos by Thomas Michael Rozdzynski)


(Photos by
Thomas Michael Rozdzynski – ThruMyEye.com)


ESTATES, Ill. – Action hungry fans were satiated on Saturday night at the
Adrenaline MMA show at the Sears Centre Arena.  Amidst the fans that came
out to attend the promotion’s debut were some famous names including former UFC
heavyweight champions Andrei Arlovski and Tim Sylvia, and former UFC
lightweight champion Jens Pulver.  The atmosphere was ripe for combat in
the circle of steel.


The main
event of the evening was supposed to have been between Jeff Monson and Mike
Russow. Due to a hand injury, however, Monson was replaced by Jason Guida (the
brother of UFC fan favorite Clay Guida).  It was a heart wrenching main
event between the Chicago police officer, Russow, and the MMA veteran. The fans
were on their feet and it was impossible to tell who the favorite was with the
crowd chanting both names with extreme prejudice. The match was primarily a
grappling contest, but ended early on in the first round with Russow sinking in
a guillotine choke with Guida up against the cage. 


The co-main
event of the evening was nearly as painful to watch, as it was for Terry Martin
to compete, as he was on the receiving end of multiple shots to the groin from
Daiju Takase. In fact, the fight ended due to referee stoppage
(disqualification) from too many kicks to the groin; a victory for Martin, but
perhaps at the cost of no future offspring.


It looked
as if Bart Palaszewski was in trouble during the first round of his bout with
Jeff Cox, who was displaying his dominant ground game.  That all changed,
however, when Palaszewski scored the knockout of the night with an incredible
high kick to end it all in the second round.


Fight League heavy hitter Rory Markham scored the quickest win of the night
after evading a flying kick by Jay Ellis, and ending the bout at only 0:57 of
round one with a triangle choke.


The main
card showed an extraordinary amount of talent right out the door. Clay French
impressed everyone in the house with his incredibly dominant wrestling
abilities. To say that he dominated Massouh on the ground would be a gross
understatement. The bout came to an end with the sound of Massouh tapping from
French’s rear naked choke.


It looked
as though neither of the heavyweights on the undercard came to actually show a
fight. Herc Hayes and Kerry Schall had the fans in an uproar of negativity
as they both gassed early on, and went all three rounds throwing lackluster
strikes.  You could only look around and wonder if there was anyone left
awake at the end for Hayes to be announced the winner.


One of the
more notable preliminary bouts was between up and comers Mike Stumpf and Dom
O’Grady.  O’Grady came in with a flawless 5-0 record, but walked out with
a scar to his name when Stumpf scored a vicious TKO late in the second round. 


The event
started out strong with Joe Pearson defeating John Hosman early into round one
by a textbook triangle choke.


The night
was full of excitement and skilled fighters, and Adrenaline MMA put on an
incredible display of mixed martial arts action. It’s safe to say with the
skill of the fighters and support of the fans, Adrenaline MMA is here to stay. 


Russow def. Jason Guida by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 2:13, R1

Martin def. Daiju Takase by Disqualification (Groin Kicks) at 3:35, R2

Petz def. Brian Gassaway by Unanimous Decision, R3

Palaszewski def. Jeff Cox by KO at 3:07, R2

Markham def. Jay Ellis by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 0:57, R1

French def. Jameel Massouh by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:18, R2

-Herc Hayes
def. Kerry Schall by Unanimous Decision

-Aaron Rosa
def. Ron Fields by TKO at 0:34, R2

Urbina def. Dave Keiczkowski by TKO at 1:19, R2

-Tom Belt
def. Marcus Levesseur by TKO at 4:10, R1

Stumpf def. Dom O’Grady by TKO at 3:53, R2

-Joe Jordan
def. Ryan Williams by Unanimous Decision, R3

Taylor def. Adam Maciejewski by Unanimous Decision, R3

Pearson def. John Hosman by Triangle Choke at 1:42, R1