Russ Miura Files Protest with Commission Over TKO Loss to Isaac DeJesus in Tachi Palace Fights

Russ Miura has filed papers with the California State Athletic Commission to try and overturn his recent loss to Isaac DeJesus in Tachi Palace Fighting.

Miura lost the fight by TKO in a one-sided fight to DeJesus on May 6 at Tachi Palace Fights 9 in California.

Following the fight, DeJesus tested positive for marijuana and was subsequently suspended by the California State Athletic Commission for 6 months and fined $500.

Miura is seeking to have the decision overturned into a no contest and will go before the commission in a meeting currently set for June 20.

DeJesus was stripped of his Tachi Palace Fights featherweight title after also missing weight for the fight, and then tested positive for marijuana and is currently serving his suspension.

Tom Call, manager for DeJesus, confirmed to that his fighter had been served with the papers regarding Miura’s wish to have the contest overturned.

One thing that DeJesus and his manager firmly believe however is that marijuana played no role in the TKO win for the fighter over Miura at Tachi Palace Fights.

“Yes, we got the paperwork that Russ Miura’s protesting it. Isaac’s serving his suspension, Isaac’s paid the fine, he’s lost some opportunities with Tachi and other organizations, but the one thing he didn’t do was lose that fight,” Call said.

“Regardless of what any sanctioning body says, and it’s out there on the web for people to find. Make your own judgment.”

The fight was a dominant win for DeJesus who blasted through Miura with a first round stoppage after a nasty counter right hand put his opponent away.

Miura and DeJesus will appear before the commission on June 20 to wait for a final ruling on what decision will be made regarding the TKO that happened in the fight that night.

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