Top level featherweight and celebrated Shooto fighter, Rumina Sato, has come to the United States to teach a series of seminars starting on Dec. 14 at Baret Yoshidas Gym in San Diego, CA.

During the seminars Sato will teach students many facets of his impressive ground game including a series of submissions such as flying armbars and flying triangles.

He will also be teaching kneebar and heelhook variations and transitions, as well as transitional submissions and counter submissions.

Sato will work to help add speed to the student’s overall ground game while adapting to an attacking style while transitioning from submission to submission.

The Shooto veteran is looking forward to sharing his fighting style with American MMA enthusiasts while he also helps to launch his newest sponsor, Inspirit MMA clothing.

Sato said, "I hope these seminars will help launch the careers of other MMA fighters whose primary objective is to entertain the fans."

On Dec. 15, Sato will teach another seminar at Mike “Joker” Guymon’s Joker’s Wild Fighting Academy.

Each seminar will be 2 to 3 hours long and seminar tour sponsor, Inspirit, will be selling t-shirts, shorts and other merchandise and Sato will sign autographs and take pictures as well.

The seminar cost is $50 and more information can be found at www.undisputedsd.com and www.jokerswildfighting.com