Rose Namajunas Recounts Conor McGregor Bus Rampage (Eye Witness Account)

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When Conor McGregor went berserk following the UFC 223 Media Day, Rose Namajunas was within inches of becoming a physical victim of his rampage. She luckily enough avoided physical damage, but was pushed to the edge emotionally just 48 hours prior to the first defense of her UFC strawweight title.

Rose Namajunas - UFC 223 Gym Day - SeriousNamajunas was sitting near Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg, both of whom were injured when McGregor threw a hand truck through the window of the van they were on to be transported back to their hotel. Chiesa and Borg were both pulled from their respective UFC 223 bouts because of medical concerns. 

Namajunas, who was within inches of being one of the injured parties, escaped physical harm, but the incident still had a strong affect on her emotionally.

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The UFC strawweight champion has long struggled with anxiety issues. She has them largely under control, but an incident like McGregor’s rampage, which included not just McGregor but also about another dozen or so individuals, easily shook her up, as it did many others in the van.

Namajunas recounted the incident and how it affected her in the lead-up to her UFC 223 co-main event with Joanna Jedrzejczyk, which she won.