Rorion Gracie, UFC Origins Biopic In the Works as Feature Film

A feature film is in the works that will detail the history of Rorion Gracie’s life and document the origins of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

According to Deadline, “Gracie” will be produced through Mandalay Sports Media through a joint partnership with IMG with Robert Specland on board to write the script for the feature film.

IMG is part of the Endeavor group that owns the UFC.

The new biopic based on Gracie’s life will tell the story of how the UFC was created as part of Gracie’s vision to give traction to a new form of martial arts.

Gracie, who learned Brazilian jiu-jitsu from his legendary father Helio, began spreading the family’s form of martial arts through a series of ‘Gracie Challenges’. Those challenges where athletes from other disciplines would face off with a member of the Gracie family were set up primarily to prove that Brazilian jiu-jitsu was the dominant form of martial arts.

That eventually led to Gracie teaming up with pay-per-view promoter Art Davie on the formation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which saw fighters from every walk of life step into the cage to challenge each other in a no holds barred competition.

It was Rorion’s younger brother Royce, who ultimately became the family representative inside the cage and he went onto claim the championship in three of the first four UFC shows.

Gracie also got an early taste of Hollywood when he served as a fight coordinator on the classic 1987 movie “Lethal Weapon” where he helped choreograph the final fight scene between Mel Gibson and Gary Busey.

“Gracie is the latest film project to take shape under the MSM/IMG output deal. Considering the close relationship between the Endeavor Content Group, IMG and UFC, this immediately becomes a priority project for us,” producer Mike Tollin said about the project.

From the sound of things, “Gracie” will be fast tracked into production once work on the script is finished. The UFC is currently celebrating it’s 25th anniversary in 2018 after the first event took place back in 1993.