Ronda Rousey’s WWE Royal Rumble Appearance Spikes Social Media

January 29, 2018

WWE and its Royal Rumble event was the hot trending topic on social media on Sunday, but a large part of its charge came from the mixed martial arts world as former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey finally made the leap from the cage to the ring.

There has been speculation for months that Rousey was going to join the WWE roster, but it’s now official, as she has inked a deal to join the professional wrestling promotion. According to a separate report from ESPN, Rousey has signed a full-time contract to join WWE.

And just like her splash in the Octagon, headlining UFC 157 in her debut appearance, Rousey made her first WWE appearance as a full-time performer on one of the pro wrestling promotion’s biggest stages. Rousey strutted out in front 17,000-plus fans in Philadelphia to her signature walkout tune, Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation,” while also wearing the leather jacket of Roddy Piper, the legendary wrestler who granted Rousey the use of his “Rowdy” nickname.

The move effectively answers the question of is Rousey or isn’t she retired? While her UFC career may be fading in the rearview mirror, Rousey’s appearance at WWE’s Royal Rumble opened a new chapter and put social media circles on meltdown!

Ronda Rousey’s WWE Debut Ignites Social Media Trends

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My road to #wrestlemania begins now

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