Ronda Rousey’s Next Film ‘Mile 22’ Gets July Release Date

February 13, 2018

Before Ronda Rousey could commit full time to her new job in WWE, she first had to finish production on the action thriller “Mile 22” and now that movie has a release date.

“Mile 22” will land in theaters on July 20 with the possibility that the film eventually turns into a franchise. A sequel is already in the works. 

Rousey landed a co-starring role in “Mile 22” while she was still competing in the UFC with filming on the movie just picking up last year in Atlanta and continuing with recent shoots in Colombia.Ronda Rousey UFC 193 scrum

Mark Wahlberg and John Malkovich lead the cast for “Mile 22” with Rousey and Lauren Cohan, best known for her role on “The Walking Dead’, both having supporting roles in the feature directed by Peter Berg.

The movie follows an American intelligence officer (Wahlberg) as he tries to escape a country with a police officer who has valuable information for him. 

As for Rousey, she’s expected to make her next appearance in WWE in two weeks time at the upcoming “Elimination Chamber” pay-per-view event as she kicks off her new full time role in the professional wrestling organization. It’s likely Rousey will take a break from WWE around July to promote her role in “Mile 22” once the movie is closer to a release date.