Ronda Rousey’s Emotionally Charged New Series Launches Wednesday

Complex Networks’ new original docuseries “Why We Fight,” executive produced by Ronda Rousey, the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) first female bantamweight champion and Olympic medalist in Judo, premieres Wednesday, Oct. 18. Across the eight, 45-minute episodes, “Why We Fight” follows a talented and troubled young fighter, Zac “Kid Yamaka” Wohlman, on his pilgrimage across the globe. Struggling with his own demons, he encounters fellow warriors who have their own issues and reasons for stepping into the ring. Inspired by the short film “Kid Yamaka” directed by Matt Ogens, “Why We Fight” is produced by Dirty Robber and Religion of Sports, and is distributed on Complex’s digital channel, available via go90.

Why We Fight is a powerful, visceral and multi-layered journey that goes beyond the ring and explores the motivations that compel these athletes to compete in their sport,” said Justin Killion, general manager of premium content for Complex Networks. “We’re honored that Zac shared his personal story with us. ”  

“We expect the series will hook viewers far beyond the traditional fight audience,” said Chris Uettwiller, CEO of Dirty Robber, co-producers of the series. “Through Zac, we were able to capture an authenticity rarely seen in the fight world. Why We Fight allows the viewer to see the fears and vulnerabilities of men and women who might otherwise appear invincible.” 

Why We Fight - Ronda Rousey seriesWohlman, originally from San Fernando Valley, California, battled with a drug problem throughout his childhood and currently faces a painkiller addition that threatens to destroy his career. The docuseries follows Zac on his odyssey to heal his wounds so he can return to the ring a better fighter and better person. Viewers experience this emotional and physical roller coaster as the conflicted boxer establishes deep and meaningful bonds with these fighters he meets on his travels. It’s raw and uncensored emotion – as visceral and moving as the fights themselves.

“Fighting is the most primordial instinct we have,” added executive producer Gotham Chopra. “Zac’s willingness to take us with him into his own quest to uncover why we fight has been a raw and awesome odyssey and one I’ve been proud to be a part of.”

“We’re incredibly excited about partnering with Complex, Dirty Robber and Religion of Sports to bring Zac’s personal journey to fighting fans everywhere,” said Ivana Kirkbride, Chief Content Officer of go90. “Why We Fight epitomizes go90’s vision of providing fans with content from exceptional producers, that they can connect with on an emotional level, all while bringing them deeper inside the world of their favorite sports.”

In the first episode, Zac travels to Tijuana, Mexico to study the art of boxing. It’s in this first episode that Zac reveals he’s been addicted to opioids following an injury, and is now doing his best to rebuild his confidence and regain his skills.

(Courtesy of go90 Zone)

“Why We Fight” is executive produced by UFC Champion Ronda Rousey. Executive Producers for Dirty Robber and Religion of Sports, LLC are Gotham Chopra, Matt Ogens, Martin Desmond Roe, Chris Uettwiller and Adam Feinstein. For Complex Networks, Justin Killion and Melanie Moreau.

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