Ronda Rousey: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Sides of Stardom (UFC 193 Video)

As Ronda Rousey‘s star continues to rise, the demands on her time and the invasion of her privacy comes under a more and more intense assault.

Ronda Rousey UFC 193 MD meanThere have been prying eyes into her love-life, debates over her lack of facing Cris “Cyborg” Justino, and questions about her position as a prominent role model for women and girls.

But with anything in life, there are trade-offs, and the UFC champ is well aware that there are trade-offs that accompany the worldwide success and stardom that she has achieved.

On the flip side, however, she is also the most popular UFC star of all time, breaking down barriers once thought impregnable.

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Rousey will next square off with Holly Holm in the UFC 193 main event in Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, this weekend.

Speaking to the media in Australia ahead of what could become the most attended UFC event of all time, Rousey talked about the good and the bad sides of MMA stardom and how she handles it.

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