Ronda Rousey on Floyd Mayweather Crossing Over to UFC: ‘That Will Never Happen’

March 27, 2018

For all the talk about Floyd Mayweather crossing over into mixed martial arts, former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey isn’t buying it.

Rousey, who has a long history engaging in a war of words with Mayweather throughout her fighting career, obviously has no love lost for the retired boxer who has been teasing for months that he’s interested in competing in the UFC.

Just recently, Mayweather said there’s a ’50/50′ chance that he competes in the UFC before the end of the year and he’s already setting up training sessions alongside welterweight champion Tyron Woodley to get ready for a potential fight.

Despite all the talk and bluster coming from Mayweather about fighting in the UFC, Rousey doesn’t believe for a second that he’s actually considering coming out of retirement to then face a buzz saw against virtually any opponent he might get inside the Octagon.

“That’ll never happen. That will never happen. It’s all talk,” Rousey said about Mayweather’s interest in MMA when speaking to ESPN on Tuesday.

While Mayweather has gone as far as rating some of his fighting skills already — including giving himself a 7 out of 10 in wrestling — he’s admitted that there would be a lot to learn before actually taking an MMA fight.

Whether he trains for the next six months or six years, Rousey doesn’t see a UFC fight going very well for Mayweather at all and that’s why she sees this as all smoke and mirrors from the former boxing champion.

“Different strokes for different folks but I don’t think he’d do well in MMA at all,” Rousey said.

It’s tough to say how committed Mayweather is to fighting again versus keeping his name in the headlines, but it’s clear at least one former adversary in the media is calling his bluff on actually competing in the UFC.