Ronda Rousey Has Had About Enough of the Travis Browne Rumors

October 13, 2015

After Travis Browne spilled the beans on Monday, UFC women’s bantamweight champion and all-around megastar Ronda Rousey has had enough.

No, she’s not calling Browne a liar, she’s confirming that the two are, indeed, in a grown-up relationship.

“I don’t talk about my personal life much. That’s why it’s called ‘personal life,'” Rousey told ESPN in a statement Monday. “It’s true that Travis and I are in a relationship. I’ve really enjoyed the time we have spent together and getting to know one another. And that’s all I’m going to say about it.”

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Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne 750Rousey’s statement followed Browne’s appearance on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, where he broke the couple’s silence, confirming that they are not boyfriend and girlfriend — that’s for children you see — but they have forged a relationship and are a couple:

“Dating is for children. Dating is for kids. Over the summer, through all the s–t that I had to shuffle through, Ronda and I started talking throughout the summer and I’ll say now that we are together. She’s my woman and I’m her man. There’s no boyfriend, girlfriend stuff. There’s no dating. We’re together.”

So there you have it folks. Maybe we can put that horse to bed for a while.

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