by Roli Delgado – special to MMAWeekly.com

Junie, Junie, Junie, a great way to start the show. You can
tell that his irrationality – to put it lightly – ways are
embarrassing Mir and the rest of his staff. Mir doesn’t even really accept
Junie’s apology.  We have never
seen someone jump the cage like that so it was a little bit of uncharted
territory.  Dana states that if
Keith Kizer was there then Junie would most likely be suspended and off the


There went two of his nine lives.


We were told on the show that this wouldn’t be on Spike, but
we new that it was too good to ignore. 
This type of drama is a true train wreck and we all can’t turn away from
situations like this.


The editors decide to show a clip of Shane and Junie talking
by the pool.  I believe they showed
this so you could see how frustrated Junie gets when he’s confronted with logic
or discovers that he can’t articulate his feelings or thoughts.  He’s very much like a child in these
situations and you can really see him getting frustrated in such a trivial
conversation.  There were many
instances like this where I thought that Junie needed to be medicated.  I saw this emotional roller coaster
played out multiple times.


Next we have our training session with Anderson Silva. By
far this guy teaches the best striking class I have ever seen.  Unfortunately I was working with Al
Stanky, while he was teaching most of the time.  Although one-on-one work with Al is great too, Anderson is
the current champ and was only there for a week, so I missed out on some of
that great training.  Anderson has
an aura; I don’t know how else to explain it.  The guy has a great heart and I look forward to working out
with him some day.  He is of the
same cloth as Nog!


Fight picks. Nog tends to keep the picks to himself until the last second.   I like that he does that because there were no secrets
in the house, we new who was fighting almost every single time.  Nog chooses Shane to fight Eliot.  I thought this would be a tough
fight.  They are both great
fighters, however Eliot is on another level in jiu-jitsu.  I’ll recap this fight in a moment.


The pranks were a great way to occupy a lot of our downtime.
Krzysztof was very ingenious with his pranks and they were reasonable enough
that we couldn’t get too mad. 
However, we finally had to retaliate.  The itching powder kept us up all night because we had to
all wash out sheets and there was only one washer and dryer in the house.  That was the most frustrating part of


My original idea with the sardines was to just hide cans of
them in their room.  That turned
into pouring a little here and there and then when Kyle got pumped up, it
turned into an all out mess.  It
reeked like a bait shop in their rooms and beds.


At this point I was, to be honest, a little worried about
how far this was going to go.  And
it turned out to be a legitimate concern since Vinney decided to piss all over
Efrain’s pillow.  NASTY!  This was a child’s move for sure and
cliché considering it had been done already.


Will this be the end of the pranks?  If Nog has his way it will be.  Nog is a "REAL" coach.  He was committed to our success and
tried to intervene to make sure that the pranks didn’t affect the fights.  You can see when Nog approaches Mir
about it that Mir is a little apprehensive when talking to Nog.  I would be too if I was Mir.  However, Nog didn’t appreciate Mir
being short with him and perhaps Mir will regret not complying with him come


The blue team didn’t really care what Nog said to them since
he wasn’t their coach.  I believe
there should be some mutual respect here, but for the most part, they just let
him say his piece and went about their business. 


Now the fight, this fight could have been a war, but a
fundamental mistake on the part of Shane put him where Eliot is strongest, on
the mat.  Shane reached too far for
the Thai clinch and exposed himself to a tight body lock, which landed Eliot
into side control.  From there, Eliot
took mount and then rear mount, finally finishing with the rear naked choke.


Small mistakes have big consequences in the cage and this
was an example of what can go wrong. 
Trust me, Shane Primm is super tough and
talented. I trained with him and got to watch him work with other guys.  Had he been a little more alert, he
would have done really well.  At 23
you will see this guy again, for sure. 


After the fight you see how the blue team is not really a
team at all.  You see Eliot make
the mistake of saying "you and me in the finals" to Krzysztof in
front of Vinney.  Wow, talk about
putting your foot in your mouth! Eliot tried to recover, but it was not
possible and Vinney was wanting none of it.  I felt a little embarrassed for Eliot
watching that. We have all said things that we regret. 


Mir decides to make a classic TUF move, putting his number
one guy and pick against who he thinks is the easiest opponent on the red team,
me!  In the process, team Mir
decides to question my legitimacy as a Black Belt in BJJ.  This is the first time I have had to
deal with that. Of course my team has nothing to say about it, but the guys
that I don’t train with do. Well, for sure I am not a liar and you can watch my
Black Belt testing