by Roli Delgado – special to MMAWeekly.com
“Fire the Cannons” John Polakowski is like no one I’ve ever met before. I never really got the whole “Fire the Cannons,” the hugs, or the pirate hat. However, I must say, I really think that John was the most genuine guy on the show. When you are around someone for six weeks, especially when they are on your team, you tend to really get to know them. John may be really goofy, but for sure he is someone that you can count on.

If there was anyone else in the house that I felt the same way about it might be George Roop. This guy never talked about anyone else, trained hard, and had the motto “talk is cheap.” He’s a father of two and, like John, was also in the house for the right reason, to be a fighter. Not to be a fighter because it makes you the coolest guy among friends, or to pick up chicks, or to act like a bad ass. These two guys are just regular nice guys that really enjoy this sport. If our sport was filled with more of this we wouldn’t have any trouble with the main stream media trying to bring it down.

This fight was what was left from the other picks. Dana (White) essentially wanted Shane to fight first and they wanted him to fight Efrain because of the three hours Shane spent messing with Efrain. Then, when Mir’s team had the pick, they put their No. 1 prospect, Junie, against the last pick, myself, which strategically happens on almost every TUF. The last match-ups were either Kaplan vs. Nover or Polakowski and apparently they got that match-up wrong. Then we ended up with Polakowski and Roop, two of the nicest guys going to war.

The episode shows John Polakowski getting upset about people eating his lucky charms. This was kind of funny. John felt like he was being taken advantage of because of his ultra nice personality. He thought it was a slap in the face. So, we decided to try and use that to help motivate John for his fight.

Roop is shown with a swollen hand that was probably broke. Being a true fighter, he doesn’t let it deter him and shows up to fight regardless. You can see him training around it and developing a game plan.

The fight was very close. The first round defiantly went to Roop. You can see John having a little trouble getting in on Roop; however, he had nice punches once he was in range. Roop tried to work some high kicks that John was able to block. Roop waited to shoot until John was closing the distance and set up a textbook double leg. I thought that the fight could have gone to a third round, but was by no means one of worst calls I’ve seen. Props to Roop who, in my opinion, was one of the most underrated fighters.

After the fight we see the picks for the semi-finals. Elliot wanted Bader. Why, I have no idea. I think he just didn’t want to fight one of his teammates. Vinny and Krzysztof should be an interesting textbook fight of the grappler vs. the striker. Roop vs. Nover… will Roop’s hand be ready for the top 155er in the house? Finally, Efrain and Junie should be interesting to see if the calm wrestler can beat the loud mouth brawler!

Stay tuned for next week, some awesome fights!!!