Rodrigo Nogueira Undergoes Successful Surgery

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira could be back in the Octagon much sooner than originally anticipated, although he was unable to avoid surgery as originally anticipated.

Nogueira had the humerus of his right arm broken when he waited too long to tap out to a Frank Mir Kimura (shoulder lock) at UFC 140 in Toronto.

Following a visit to doctors in Los Angeles, it was originally believed that Nogueira could avoid surgery, using a removable splint and ultrasonic treatment on a daily basis. After a few days of seeing little progress, Nogueira and his camp sought out further opinions, which pointed to the need for surgery to repair the fracture.

Nogueira on Saturday had surgery done at the Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colo., the same clinic where he had two successful hip surgeries. Dr. Tom Hackett performed the surgery, fixing the fracture with a plate and 16 screws.

Prior to surgery, Nogueira had very little strength in his hand and no strength in his thumb, due to the radial nerve being pinched by the fractured bone. Hackett also treated the nerve during surgery, and less than 12 hours later, Nogueira already had functionality returning to his hand.

“If all goes well, (Nogueira) will start full training in the coming months and should be 100-percent to fight in six months or less,” said Dr. Hackett on the Nogueira Brothers’ website. “We anticipate a full and complete recovery.”

That is much better than the original prognosis of Nogueira being out of action for nine months.

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