Robert Whittaker reacts to not facing Paulo Costa at UFC 284: ‘This is very upsetting’

Paulo Costa had been saying that he didn’t have a deal with the UFC to fight former champion Robert Whittaker at UFC 284 on February 12. It turns out that he was telling the truth.

On Monday, it was confirmed that the two middleweight contenders would not be facing each other in Perth. Costa tweeted that he ‘wasn’t bluffing.’ He also criticized the fight promotion’s inability to book big fights.

“I think they’re taking it the wrong way, making fighters unhappy with deals isn’t very smart. It’s not only ME, I remember: Nagnnu , OMalley , Mark hunt etc,” Costa tweeted.

Whittaker released a video to social media with his reaction to the news that he wouldn’t be facing Costa and wouldn’t be on the Perth fight card.

“G’day everybody. I’m sure you’ve seen the media and the rumors going around about the Perth card. It’s upsetting, very upsetting to say they’re true. The fight with Costa has fallen apart. UFC tried everything in their power to get him to the fight. It is my understanding they gave him a new contract to take the fight and he still didn’t take the fight,” Whittaker said in the video.

“The Perth fight is not happening. They’re looking to reschedule me March/April,” he continued. “This is very upsetting, I’m sorry for all the friends, fans and family that are heading over there to watch me do work.”

“I’m upset. I was prepared to train thru Christmas, to train thru New Years, to put in the work.”

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