Robert Whittaker Draws On Past Experiences Ahead of Welterweight Finale at UFC on FX 6

December 14, 2012

Robert Whittaker has drawn from what he learned in the TUF house and incorporated it all in his training camp as he prepared for his welterweight final with Bradley Scott on Saturday (Friday in the U.S.) at UFC on FX 6 on the Gold Coast in Australia.

“The time spent in the house was physically challenging and emotionally wrecking,” Whittaker revealed to “You’re away from everyone and not allowed any contact with the world outside. All you do is train twice a day, cut weight and then fight.

“I had no intentions of making friends in the house. I tried not to be a prick about it, but I was in the house to fight the other team and I maintained that until the job was done.”

Whittaker was drawn against fellow teammate Xavier Lucas in the semifinals and admits it was the hardest fight of his career mentally.

“The curve ball of having to fight ‘X’ was huge. It was the hardest fight I’ve ever done. I believe mental is 90-percent of the fight, but fighting with someone who you have been training and sparring with took me out of my element.  It was a massive hurdle to jump.”

Whittaker notched up two first-round finishes in the house, but admits he will have a tougher time when he fights Scott in front of thousands of fans.

“I believe the emotions are going to be pretty high,” Whittaker told ” It’s going to be a lot larger crowd than I’m used to, but at the end of the day I’ve got a job to do and that will always take precedence over my emotions.

“Simply, the bloke is trying to hurt me and I think that level of threat will take over everything else.”

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