Rob Font Plays Spoiler with Dominant Performance Against Hometown Favorite Sergio Pettis

December 15, 2018

Rob Font played spoiler on Saturday night in Milwaukee as he handed hometown favorite Sergio Pettis a lopsided defeat in his return to the bantamweight division.

Font was coming back from a tough loss in his last fight to top five ranked fighter Raphael Assuncao so he wanted to get back on track and that’s exactly what he accomplished with a strong performance over all three rounds.

As soon as the fight got started, Font showed off his power and aggressiveness throughout the opening round as he was constantly walking Pettis down and throwing combinations that were landing with regularity.

Perhaps the best punch in the early part of the fight was Font’s lead jab that he continuously tossed out and popped Pettis in the face, struggling to deal with his opponent’s reach.

Late in the first round, Pettis tried for a takedown but ended up being reversed with Font planting him on the mat and landing some solid ground and pound from the top.

The second round saw more of the same with Font just absorbing whatever Pettis threw at him returning fire with power and doing more damage.

Font’s lead jab continued to eat Pettis alive with a mouse forming under his right eye courtesy of a series of left hands that were just peppering him all night long. Even when Pettis managed to put together a solid combination including a stinging right hand that landed flush, Font was just taking the punches and moving forward.

Just before time expired in the second, Font nearly landed a submission as well with a late kimura attempt but Pettis was able to wiggle free.

With a plea from his corner to go for broke in the final five minutes, Pettis definitely tried to come after Font but once again his best punches seemingly didn’t make the experienced bantamweight blink.

In return, Font kept sticking that jab in Pettis’ face and with each one landed, the former flyweight saw his head snap back repeatedly.

Font also managed another takedown late in the fight that just sealed the deal for him showing superior power and strategy over all three rounds.

When it was over the judges all agreed giving Font the unanimous decision win with 30-27 scores across the board.

Despite the dominant showing, Font lamented that he wasn’t able to put Pettis away, although he was obviously happy with the victory.

“I wanted that finish. I always want that finish,” Font said.

Font has bounced back and forth between wins and losses over his past four fights but remains one of the most exciting fighters in the bantamweight division. He’ll undoubtedly look to build on the momentum of Saturday night’s win in his next fight in 2019.