Roach: Arlovski Made A Young Man’s Mistake

Boxing guru Freddie Roach has been an outspoken ally of his student Andrei Arlovski’s striking abilities, and following Arlovski’s loss to Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction’s “Day of Reckoning,” chalked the experience up to youthful inexperience.

“He made a young man’s mistake,” Roach told MMAInsider backstage. “It was too easy for him. He was winning the fight handily I thought, controlling the fight like we planned. He got a little cocky, and he tried the flying knee from too far away, no setup, and he paid for it.”

While it seemed Arlovski may have thrown the high-risk strike because he thought Emelianenko was hurt, Roach disagreed.

“No, not at that moment,” he continued. “But Fedor swings hard, that’s his thing. He probably had his eyes closed, but he just got lucky, I think. If we had followed a more disciplined fight, and kept to the game plan, I think it was going to be easy.”

Roach was unsure about what came next for Arlovski, but said he would continue to work with his student.