Rickson Corners Renzo Gracie In Hawaii

Rickson Gracie at K-1 HawaiiIn what is a very ironic twist, the man who many consider to be one of the best pound for pound fighters in the history of MMA, Rickson Gracie, will corner Renzo against the guy who is right now the best pound for pound fighter in the world in BJ Penn.

MMAWeekly.com has learned that not only will Rickson be the chief corner man, but Ryan and Ralph Gracie are also making the trip to Hawaii to corner Renzo for Friday night’s main event in K-1. The Gracie’s are on their way to islands to meet up with Renzo as we speak.

Renzo will be today’s featured guest on MMAWeekly Radio as the show will be broadcast LIVE at a different time slot. The show will be heard in PRIME TIME at 8pm EASTERN/5pm PACIFIC at www.mmaweeklyradio.com and yes it’s absolutely free when you listen live.

If you haven’t been able to catch the show live before, tonight will be a great time to listen to what most of you already know, as the only daily MMA radio show in the sport today. Big Daddy Gary Goodridge, Renzo Gracie and Carter Williams will all be part of the show today.

Tomorrow we will have BJ Penn, Butterbean and maybe Rickson Gracie himself on the show. Check out the best hour of MMA today at it’s new timeslot at 5pm Pacific/8pm eastern at www.mmaweeklyradio.com