by Richie Witson, Special to MMAWeekly.com (Courtesy of Spike TV)
Let’s start by getting you up to date with the week prior to this last episode.

Episode 7 featured myself and Ross Pearson as we were picked to fight, but also featured some other antics and happenings in the house that you’ll need to see for yourself if you haven’t already.

My fight with Pearson ended late in the first round when he armbarred me and forced me to tap, which put the U.K. team up 4-2. As much as it
sucks to lose, and as angry as I still am about it, I’m very new to the sport and it’s something that I’ll learn from and use as ambition to come back from.

Anyway, lets move on since this a bit of a sore subject for me. After Pearson and I were done with our bout, there were only two fight match-ups left: Jason Dent vs. Jeff Lawson and Jason Pierce vs. Dave Faulkner.

Episode 8 focused mainly on Jason Pierce, his negative, bitch-like attitude and his constant whining, which I can assure you was commonplace back at the house. Even when the rest of us were at the park having fun playing Ultimate Frisbee, Jason Pierce was on the sidelines crying to our coach Heath Simms about how he can’t train and making up excuses as to why he might not be able to fight. I’m not saying that what he had on his leg wasn’t bad or painful, but sometimes in those sorts of situations you have to man up and deal with it.

So, back at the house it was Team USA’s pick and Dan had no choice but to pick Jason Dent vs. Jeff Lawson. Up to this point Dent was losing his mind, so he was eager to fight and it was exactly what he needed. After he was picked to fight he started acting a bit more normal.

Before the fight started Dana pulled Pierce aside and asked him how his leg is doing. Pierce replied with, “I’m mentally in it, but I have the shivers and I’m just a big (expletive)!” Ha, ha, sorry I made that last part up, but as he talks to Dana you can see he’s looking for a way out and in my opinion never wanted to, nor intended to fight.

Also, they didn’t show you this on camera, but back at the house Faulkner and Pierce were hanging out and Faulkner was telling Pierce about fights he’d been in and things that happened to his opponents that never actually took place. Faulkner was obviously playing head games with Pierce, trying to trip him out and scare him and I think it worked.

Next, the fight between Jeff Lawson and Jason Dent begins. It starts off a little slow with both guys feeling each other out. Then Lawson goes for a takedown and eventually ends up on top controlling the round. There were a lot of punches thrown from the bottom and top and a couple of submission attempts, but neither fighter did much damage to each other.

Round two then begins and Lawson visibly gassed from the previous round. With no energy left, Lawson does what he can to stave off Dent’s attacks. At one point Lawson caught Dent with a flying knee, but Dent pushes forward and takes him to the ground. Dent then catches Lawson in an Anaconda choke to end the fight and bring the score to 4-3.

After this fight, Dana brings Jason in the room and tells him he’s not fighting. Jason acts like he’s upset, but he’s a bad actor. Team U.S. now has to find a new replacement and I can assure you that next week is gonna be good so don’t miss it!