Richard Odoms Looking to Finish Jared Vanderaa in LFA 15 Title Fight

In March, heavyweight veteran Richard Odoms returned to the United States after a spending last year fighting overseas and picked up a second round TKO of William Hoffman at Legacy Fighting Alliance 6.

While the win was good for Odoms’ career, he wasn’t exactly happy with how he performed in the bout.

“There were a lot of goods, but a lot of bad things came with that as well,” Odoms told “There were a lot of things that I wanted to show that I didn’t show. I felt my performance was a little sluggish.

“I really don’t know what was going on or what the hiccup I was having that night. Things were not as upbeat as they usually are. That being said, I’ve got a lot to show this next fight coming up and try to make sure that I’m coming in there and doing everything that I’m supposed to be doing.”

While he wasn’t completely pleased with how he fought against Hoffman, Odoms was happy to be back in America after two bouts last year for World Series of Fighting Global in Asia.

“Japan and the Philippines are awesome and I’m not going to take anything from them, but being at home is so much better,” said Odoms. “Being at home and where you have everybody on the up and up, you don’t appreciate that stuff until you’re overseas. Being back in the States was a huge thing for me.”

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Odoms (12-3) now turns his focus towards Friday in Shawnee, Okla., when he takes on Jared Vanderaa (5-0) in a heavyweight championship main event at LFA 15.

“I feel it’s going to give me a chance to stand up with somebody,” Odoms said. “Hopefully that’s what (Vanderaa) brings to the game.

“What I’m looking to show is my stand-up and me dominating in the cage. I’ve been gone for so long, now that I’m back in the States I want to put on good shows and sending out a message that needs to be sent.”

While he hasn’t had to go a full 25 minutes in his career before, Odoms welcomes the two extra rounds the championship fight affords him.

“I love the two extra rounds,” Odoms said. “It gives me more time if need be to get the finish that I need – to get a clean finish – not just something that just happens to come by the wayside that I jump on top of. I love to grind, so going five rounds is right up my ally.”

Though he’s 42 years old, Odoms feels he can be as competitive as any other fighter in the heavyweight division, and is looking to make his case with the LFA title in hand.

“I think this is going to be an awesome time for me having that belt,” said Odoms. “Having that belt is going to get me fights and keep me busy, and that’s what I’m looking for.”

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