Richard Odoms, at Age 41, is Just Hitting His MMA Stride, Not Quitting Any Time Soon

From 2013 to 2014, heavyweight Richard “Black Eagle” Odoms had quite possibly the worst string of luck in his career.

Losses in two of three bouts, among numerous fight cancellations – including his proposed UFC debut – had Odoms at a low point. Thankfully, Odoms was able to get things back on track and is currently riding a three-fight winning streak.

“The only thing is to get better, and I feel that I’ve been doing so every fight and now I’ve turned a corner to where things are becoming a little more… I wouldn’t say easier… but more calculated,” Odoms told

“With that being said, a lot of things I’ve been working on throughout my career have been taking turns for a better. I’m going in there and executing the game plan, and am not having all the hiccups I had in the beginning.”

In his last two fights in particular, wins over Juan Torres and Yusuke Kawaguchi, Odoms has been able to pick up finishes, which had eluded him early in his career.

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“I want to be someone who fans want to see,” said Odoms. “I haven’t been very flamboyant or anything, and that’s not my goal at all, but I want to be an exciting fighter that attracts fans.”

Odoms (11-2) will seek to keep his streak going when he takes on Evgeny Erokhin (14-4) in a heavyweight main event at World Series of Fighting Global’s first ever show in Manila, Philippines, on Saturday, which streams live on

“Evgeny is a formidable opponent,” Odoms said. “He’s been putting away good fighters. It’s not like he’s putting away guys that just jumped into the cage. He’s put away guys like Mike Kyle, Brandon Cash, and other guys who are veterans of the sport – good people.

“I’ve just got to be a little more calculated with what I’m doing. As I’ve gotten older, I’m planning things and being very smart with my fighting and how I go about doing things.”

With his career finally going the way he wants it to, Odoms is looking to keep things rolling. And while he may on the upper end of the age scale at 41, he has no intentions of stopping now.

“I would like to fight two more times at least,” he said. “Getting in four fights this year would be great. With that being said, I’m just here going for the ride.

“I’m one of the older MMA guys around, but with that being said, I feel at this point in my career, I’m the best person I can possibly be, so walking away from the sport really isn’t on the page.”

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