Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series: This Fighter is a Survivor

(Courtesy of UFC)

In the week 4 episode of Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series, the hosts continue their journey through Manila as they visit the Taguig tenement building, playing basketball with Brandon Vera and local residents. During tryouts, they also met an applicant who survived serious medical issues, impressing Rich enough to get an offer of a lifetime.

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Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series is one-part fighter search, one-part immersion in the Asian experience.

Franklin and his crew travel around Southeast Asia searching for the region’s top talent, hoping to land some promising new fighters to compete under the ONE Championship  banner. 

In addition to their search for talented fighters, Franklin and his pals experience all sorts of traditions, foods, and various elements of the local culture as they travel through Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, and more.

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